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Captain Kirby Kurkomelis                                        January 2022

Diving Safety Officer

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Captain Kirby Kurkomelis started diving in 1959, was the Diving Safety Officer (instructor) for the United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA.  President of the Eastern Dive Boat Association. Expedition Allred leader. Discovery of XP-47 Thunderbolt plane project, Bayville Submarine project, Old Orchard Light house project and the Underwater Classroom TV Series. Specialties in underwater archaeology. Captain Kirby has taught at Kingsborough Community College, S.U.NY Martine College, Hofstra University, Adelphi University and Farmingdale University. Research projects in the past have dealt with Pollution in the "New York Bite", and studies of horseshoe crabs on the East Coast, has specialties in marine technology,  decompression diving and ocean technology.   Captain Kirby is currently training scientists, Police, Fire Departments Military divers to perform a variety of underwater research and training. Captain Kirby is also a member of the American Academy of Underwater Science, holds Advanced Instructor specialties in Public Safety Diving, Rapid Response Instructor Black water Diving, Black water Search Operations SAR, Rapid Deployment Search and Rescue / Recovery, Dive Tender, Rapid Response and Recovery Diving, Drowning Investigations certified specialties by Lifeguard Systems. Kirby was one of the Captains on the R.V. Garloo and R.V. Wahoo 1985-2015), deep technical diving in excess of 140fsw for over 40 years.

  Scientific Diving Instructor Trainer. Running weekly expeditions to in shore and off shore wrecks for scientist such as the USS Sand Diego, Oregon, Linda ,Coimbra, U553, USS Bass with 4000, hours of decompression diving for oceanographers and divers. Certified in Underwater Archaeology.  Currently offering specialty training to local police and fire municipality’s scuba and water rescue teams in Public safety dive training rapid deployment.

Captain Kirby Kurkomelis is a licensed United States Coast Guard Merchant marine officer (100 tons Master License).  Maritime Technology degree in Vessel Operations, Propulsion, Coastal Piloting, Oceanography and Meteorology, Vessel Maintenance and Marine Electronics. Also was the managing editor of the Sub Aqua Journal America’s first wreck diving magazine with his monthly column entitled Kirby’s Corner, Captain Kirby has published over 500 photographs, videos and articles in other magazines including the American littoral Society. Also Kirby has written books on the “Introductions to Scientific Diving”, “ E-books , Lost Flight/ Found” E-books and "Adventures in the Underwater Classroom" also the morning show Live for News 12 Long Island on diving New York waters and Fox 5 News, Underwater Classroom series for cable.

Also Kirby has written a books on the “Introductions to Scientific Diving” and "Adventures in the Underwater Classroom" also the morning show Live for News 12 Long Island on diving New York waters and Fox 5 News, Underwater Classroom series for cable.


  1. Master Instructor  P.A.D.I. (Professional of Association of Diving Instructors)  1989 & IDC Staff Instructor
  2. Specialty instructors ratings
  3. Wreck Diving
  4. Deep Diving,
  5. Search and recovery (rapid deployment)
  6. Night Diving
  7. Underwater Navigation
  8. Cold Water Diving
  9. Scientific collection
  10. Paramedic Jumper
  11. Dry Suit Diving
  12. Underwater Photography
  13. Nitrox Instructor and Oxygen Administration BLS ( Basic Life Support)
  14. Instructor for Dive Professional with on site Neurological Assessment
  15. AEDs. Underwater naturalist, with professional, Hazardous marine animals Instructor
  16. Underwater Archaeological and Environmental Planning
  17. T.B.T.A. Commercial Inspection of Bridges  2005
  18. Diving Safety Officer
  19. USMMA Diving Instructor, Public Safety Diving
  20. Horseshoe Crab  Expeditions 1973, 1977 Adelphi University
  21. New York Bite Expedition 1976 Adelphi University
  22. U.S,S. San Diego, Oregon, U853, U.S.S. Bass, Underwater  Expeditions (1970-


      23   New York Bite/ Jamaica Bay Expeditions” (1977-1978)

      24   New York South Shore Back Bays Expeditions

             On Water Pollution (1995)                           

       25   New York Expedition into Tidal Zone Marine Life (2005)

       26   Scientific Diving Instructor Level I, II, III & IV

       27   OSHA HEALTH and SAFETY

       28   Owner and operator of Sea Hunt Divers Inc.

       29   Instructor Underwater Archaeology, Diving Safety Officer (Allred    

              Expedition) 2012-2014

       30   Bayville submarine expedition 2015-2016

       31.  Underwater Classroom Series 2016-Present

       32.  XP-47 Project 2016-2018