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Dry Suit

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There is nothing like the enjoyment and comfort of diving dry. However, proper training is essential for dry suit diving. In SeaHuntDivers  Dry Suit Program, you will learn the following:

Dry suit materials
Proper selection and fit
Choosing the proper undergarment
Care and maintenance
the academics & technical aspects of diving dry
Proper diving technique

To receive a PADI Certification Card, students must have a PADI Open Water Certification Card or equivalent, and must complete two dry suit ocean dives.

This course is a prerequisite for dry suit rentals.

Tuition: Price on request

Manual: $24.95
Dry Suit Video: $24.95

Dry Suit Rental (Pool/Ocean): $50.00
Dry Suit
Undergarment:  $20.00

Pool Training: Proper don and doff of dry suit, buoyancy check at surface, proper descent and ascent, neutral buoyancy at depth, proper kicking and positioning techniques, emergency procedures, plus BCD removal and replacement at the surface and underwater.

Ocean Training:  Two dives are required for a PADI Dry Suit certification.
Dive 1:  Surface buoyancy check, neutralize buoyancy during ascent, neutral buoyancy fin pivot, hovering, tour, ascent with safety stop, and remove and replace tank/BC and weights at surface.
Dive 2:  Neutralize buoyancy during ascent, neutralize buoyancy at depth, disconnect and reconnect dry suit hose, tour, and ascent with safety stop.

Class Size: Limited to 4 students

Prerequisites: Minimum age is 12, Open Water Diver or equivalent rating.

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