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PADI Get Open Water Certified to scuba  dive!

Start your diving class today and begin
a lifetime of underwater adventures

       Below is a description of our Open Water Diving Class.  This is the first step to become a certified diver.  Please give us a call or e-mail us with any questions you may have.  To register for a class it will be necessary to call the store.  If you are already a certified diver check out our

Open Water Diver

All the adventure, fun and excitement of the underwater world can be yours when you become a certified SCUBA diver. Diving is a recreation you can enjoy year after year with your family and friends; plus you will make new friends through local dive activities. Join us and discover a New World of experiences! See what the other three-fifths of the world is all about!

Course format: The PADI Open Water Course consists of home study, classroom academics, pool skills development, and four ocean training evaluation dives.

Home study: PADI offers a choice between two academic learning kits: The PADI Open Water Manual and video or PADI Open Water CD-ROM.  The PADI CD-ROM is compatible with PC and Macintosh computers. The CD-ROM is an excellent way to learn the scuba academics. This interactive CD-ROM will take you on a wonderful journey through the entire Open Water Diving course. For the CD-ROM version, students are required to complete each module and knowledge review prior to attending each class session. Students using the Manual are required to view the PADI Open Water Video, read the corresponding module, and complete the knowledge review questions at the end of the module before the first night of class.

Academics: The academic session will consist of a review of the material, four quizzes, and a final exam. All quizzes and exams are multiple choices.

Pool skill development: During the pool sessions, the instructor will brief the students on the diving skills, demonstrate the skills underwater, the students will perform the skills, and the instructor will evaluate their performance. Students will have ample time for skill development. At the completion of your pool sessions, if you or the instructor feels that you need more practice time, you can register for a refresher course for only $25.00 which is 50% off our Refresher course price.

Four open water training evaluation dives: These dives are conducted over a two-day period during the weekend. On each dive the students will demonstrate the skills learned in the confined open water sessions followed by an exciting tour. Two dives will be conducted per day at a minimum depth of 20 feet for a minimum time of 20 minutes per dive. Maximum depth will not exceed 40 feet. Bottom time will depend on the students air consumption.  Saturday and Sunday dives will be shore dives conducted in the Long Island south shore area.  Starting weekly, we will be offering the Sunday dives from a boat with Dive boat Wahoo Captree Boat Basin  for open water weekend dates and information.

Class and Pool Tuition:  On request
Price includes classroom and pool instruction and your choice of either the PADI Open Water Crew Pack #63300 and Video or the PADI CD-ROM Crew Pack #60314. 

Student Kits Include:  The PADI Open Water Diver Manual or CD, Student Record Folder, Recreational Dive Planner, and Startup Log Book inserts. Book version -  Each student must purchase their own student training kit.  CD Rom Version -   Up to five people can use the CD-ROM. Each additional student using the CD-ROM must purchase a student folder, PADI Dive Table, and a logbook

Pool Equipment: Class and pool fee includes use of all scuba equipment except for mask, snorkel, and fins.  SeaHunt Divers will provide tanks, regulators, buoyancy compensators, weight belts, and exposure suits. If students already own their equipment, we encourage you to use your own equipment.

Full Certification: Four ocean dives are required for a PADI certification. Students may take a referral and travel to warmer water during the colder months to complete their training, or sign-up with us during the months of May - November. If you choose to complete your training with SeaHunt Divers, the open water instructional fee of $125.00 total, is due at the time of the dives.  The charter fee for Sunday is $85.00 where applicable.

Ocean scuba equipment: Students have the option of purchasing or renting their equipment for the ocean dives. Students can rent all their equipment (except mask, snorkel,  fins, boots, and mitts) at a 15% discount off our rental rate.

Referral Package:  Students not completing their ocean dive training with SeaHunt Divers will need a referral package.  This package will consist of a student academic and confined water completion form, medical form, student photograph, and certification card processing form (PIC).  We can also assist you in setting up your open water training dives.  Cost $25.00.

Pre-Registration required at: Students must sign-up early enough to allow for the home study requirements. Students are required to fill out their student record folder during registration.  If a student answers yes to any medical questions, they must get approval from their doctor before they can begin our program. Doctors must fill out the PADI Medical Form.

Things to bring: PADI materials kit, knowledge reviews, bathing suit, towel, notebook, pen, mask, snorkel, and fins (wet suit boots with strap fins).

Certification Agency: PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Prerequisites: Minimum 10 years old, must be comfortable in the water, must be able to swim 8 lengths of the pool or swim 10 lengths of the pool with mask, snorkel, and fins, tread water for 10 minutes, and be in good medical condition.

They are PDF files you can click here to download Adobe Reader.