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  Peak Performance Buoyancy

Join us on Group Trip and get your Peak Performance Buoyancy specialty. The purpose of the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course is to polish a diver's buoyancy control beyond the Open Water Diver level. The goal of this course is to enhance the diver's buoyancy control abilities through knowledge development and practical skill practice.

Prerequisites: Certified Jr. or Open Water Diver and be 12 years of age or older.

Class Size: 4 to 8 students

Course Content: This course will consist of academic sessions on the beach and pick any two ocean dives during our Sunday Dive Program below. In this course, you will learn Peak Performance Buoyancy fundamentals:

1. Buoyancy Check
2. Fine-tuning buoyancy underwater
3. Weight positioning and distribution
4. Streamlining
5. Visualization
6. Hovering
7. Establishing neutral buoyancy underwater throughout the dive
8. Breathing Management

Course Cost: On request
Peak Performance Buoyancy Video: $24.95

Equipment: Standard scuba outfit for your diving environment.