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Underwater Naturalist

The PADI Underwater Naturalist Course is designed to give the recreational diver a greater understanding of the marine environment and a broader awareness of the relationships between marine organisms.

Three evenings of classroom will cover basic concepts of marine ecology for both the North Atlantic and the Caribbean. We will also learn appropriate diving habits for observing and interacting with marine life and their habitat. Open water dives will combine practicing these diving habits as well as conducting basic underwater surveys.

Module 1: Introduction  to the aquatic realm, divers and their environment, general ecology of marine ecosystems.
Module 2: Survey of aquatic life and relationships between aquatic animals, animal I.D. techniques.
Module 3: Aquatic life mythology and human perception, responsible human interaction, discussion.

Three Open Water Dives

Dive 1: The identification and observation of marine species from several groups, identification and observation of marine relationships and interactions.
Dive 2: Survey of community structure and relationship of different marine habits.
Dive 3:
Night dive - comparison of day and night differences in community structure and observation of marine species.

PADI Encyclopedia, Reef Fish, Reef Coral and Reef

Equipment Required:  Full scuba equipment including 3 tanks, underwater slate, and whistle or signaling device.

Classroom Course Costs: $100.00
Ocean Dive Fee for 3 Dives:
$100.00 or Referral Dive Fee: $25.00
Charter Fee:  $85.00

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver

Class Size: 14  Students