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  Wreck Diver course:
This course is designed to be an introduction to wreck diving and to help the student develop the skills and knowledge necessary for safe wreck diving.

Academic Sessions will include:
1. Planning, organization, procedures, techniques, identifying potential hazards of wreck diving and problem prevention.
2. The preparation and use of lights, air supplies, special equipment, penetration lines and reels.
3. Limited-visibility diving techniques and emergency procedures.
4. Deep Diving - N2 narcosis, O2 toxicity, DCS, safety stops, & required decompression stops.
5. Assessing the wreck. 
6. Penetration techniques discussed using- permanent lines, wreck reels, & progressive penetration. 
7. Stress management techniques - breathing and visualization. 
8. Equipment requirements, configurations, and management. 
9. Buoyancy skills and control - anti-silting techniques. 
10. Line use - permanent lines and reels. 
11. Wreck navigation techniques. 
12. Mapping wrecks. 
13. Air loss - redundancy & alternate air source. 
14. Emergency ascent procedures - free ascents and Emergency Ascent Lines (EAL or reel and jersey up-line). 
15. Planning - time, depth, and air supply calculations

Pool Session: Students will have the opportunity to get comfortable with their equipment, reconfigure where needed, and practice their wreck diving skills.

Open Water Dives: Four wreck dives over a two-day period is required to receive a PADI certification. In this course, you will be acquainted with various wrecks around Long Island. Wrecks may include the USS San Diego and the Oregon
Students will have the opportunity to perform the above tasks they learned in their academic sessions.
Wreck Penetration is an option not a requirement.

Minimum Required Equipment: Wreck diving is an equipment intensive activity. It is important to have the proper equipment for the type of wreck diving that you will be doing. You will need your standard open water equipment (mask, fins, regulator, BCD w/ power inflator, proper exposure protection, pressure & depth gauges, timer, compass, primary dive light (not a mini), whistle, underwater slate, and knife. 
Minimum tank requirements is two 100 cu. Ft. tanks with a  pony bottle or Double tanks.
Also required is a one backup knife, wreck reel, backup light, and an extra buckle on your weight belt.

Additional Recommended Equipment: Backup timer and marker buoy.

Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water, 15 years of age or older.
Nitrox Certification is highly  recommended but not required.

Class Size: Limited 6 students

This course will consist of one classroom session, one pool session and four wreck dives.

Course Costs: on request
Charter Fees: price at time of charter
Book Fee: $19.95
Video: $24.95